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Getting your Get


Information for Jewish men and women in Scotland, England & Wales about divorce according to Jewish law with articles, forms and explanations for lawyers.

by Sharon Faith BA (Law) (Hons) and Deanna Levine MA LLB©

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All you ever need to know about getting your Get (Jewish divorce), but don’t know you need to know.
So get round problems in arranging your Get by applying the information in
Getting your Get
information that, until now, only those in the know knew about.

  • explains the necessity of having a Get and the Get procedures
  • why you should arrange for your Get as soon as possible
  • the Beth Din and the Get
  • selecting the right firm of solicitors
  • list of solicitors with experience of addressing Get issues and not just the civil divorce
  • find out about the tragic consequences if you have no Get, but only a civil divorce
  • list of organisations to contact for advice and useful information
  • choosing other advisers
  • special articles, forms and information for lawyers
  • special article for rabbis
  • details of Get support groups
  • how your lawyer can use the civil law to help with the Get
  • useful index
  • … and lots, lots more!


“Sharon Faith and Deanna Levine rightly stress the great importance of obtaining a Get and the tragic, personal consequences
that may ensue as a result of failure to obtain a Get. An excellent publication and an invaluable work.”                     
Chief Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks

“Getting your Get should be an essential feature of every family lawyer’s library.”                                
Her Honour Judge Dawn Freedman

“I commend Getting your Get as an important tool in heightening awareness and providing important practical assistance in this area.” 
The Right Honourable Lady Cosgrove

“This excellent booklet will educate the Jewish community about the Get.”                                                                       
Agunot Campaign

“A very practical and lucid guide which I strongly commend  to as wide a Jewish audience as possible.”        
B’nai B’rith United Kingdom

“This booklet fulfils an important need for the community and should be widely circulated.”
Board of Deputies of British Jews

Getting your Get is an invaluable practical guide which is easy to read and understand.”                                                                 

”This booklet serves a valuable and worthwhile purpose in seeking to educate, inform and reassure divorcing Jewish couples.” 
Dayan Ch Ehrentreu, Rosh Beth Din

“Sharon Faith and Deanna Levine have risen to fulfil the needs of the moment and produced an immensely helpful booklet.”       
Glasgow Beth Din

“Clear and concise, Getting your Get highlights all the issues and will be of immeasurable help to Jewish couples facing the trauma of divorce.”      
Glasgow Jewish Representative Council

“We wholeheartedly endorse Getting your Get which fulfils an important and unmet need in the community.”                             
Jewish Care

Getting your Get offers practical advice and information on support services for men and women seeking a Jewish divorce and provides an excellent source of reference for the professionals involved.”                                                                                  
Jewish Care Scotland

“Sharon Faith and Deanna Levine have successfully condensed and simplified the complexities of Jewish divorce law and the recent changes in secular law.” 
Jewish Chronicle

Getting your Get explains in clear and simple language why it is necessary for there to be a Get as well as a civil divorce.”
Jewish Marriage Council

“The League has for many years been involved with the problem of agunot and is happy to recommend Getting your Get.”
League of Jewish Women

“I warmly commend this timely publication and congratulate Sharon and Deanna for providing a vital service for Anglo-Jewry.”      
Rabbi J Grunfeld, National Director, SEED

“Had there been such a guide as Getting your Get 40 years ago, I might not be an Agunah today.”   
Susan Zinkin, Jewish National Fund

Getting your Get deals with all aspects of obtaining a Get and explains fully the consequences of failure to do so. It is essential reading for anyone who practises in this area of law.”                                                
The United Kingdom Association of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists

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