Haftarah Refresher

Want to recite your Haftarah ?
Want to learn the Haftarah tropes ?
Need a refresher lesson ?

Rabbi Eli is kindly offering
his time to teach those interested.

For Information Contact:
Rabbi Eli on 07730 319565

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Chanukah 2015

Chanukah 2015

Art Scroll Machazorim

The Shul is in need of Art-Scroll Machazorim to accommodate visitors over Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We hope you will like to be associated with this project by donating prayer books that will beinscribed in memory of a loved one or to commemorate a Simcha.

The cost is around £28 / Machazor.

Should this be of interest to you please inform the office.

Glasgow Sick Visiting Association


As chaplain to Glasgow Sick Visiting Association (GSVA), I, with Rosalie, will be giving a wee reception in honour of the Sick Visiting Association volunteers on 3rd Jan 2012 @ 3 pm. 

I will speak briefly about the importance of visiting the sick.  At the moment 12 people will take part. 

Could you please let me know if NMHC have our own volunteers whom I would invite, and if there are none, then it’s time to start a Newton Mearns Sick Visiting Association.

Please email Aharon Soudry or call 07963 692 395 if you would like to join.


Celebrating ?



SPONSORING A KIDDUSH on a Shabbat is a unique way of celebrating a special occasion and an ideal opportunity to invite family and friends to share it with you.

Please contact Sharon in the office she will be delighted to give you details and available dates.


Haftorah Rota

We are always looking for volunteers to read Hafhtorah in Shul on Shabbat and Yomotov, if you would like to help out, please email David Goldring.

If you would like a Haftorah refresher course or learn the Haftorah tropes, please email Rabbi Eli.

Haftorah Rota
Shabbat/Yomtov Date Parasha Reader
12th November 2016  Lech Lecha Martin Livingston
19th November 2016  VaYera Walter Sneader
26th November 2016  Chayeh Sarah Bernard Hill
3rd December 2016  Toldot
David Samuels
10th December 2016  VaYetzei David Goldring
17th December 2016  VaYishlach Gordon Sakol
24th December 2016  VaYeshev Harold Woldman
31st December 2016  Miketz
(Shabbat Chanukah)
Peter Cohen
7th January 2017  VaYiggash Sam Talbot
14th January 2017  VaYechi David Links
21th January 2017  Shemot
28th January 2017  VaEra (Rosh Chodesh) Eddie Talbot
4th February 2017  Bo Harvey Livingston
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