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1   Link   Chabad
Great one stop Jewish site for all you want to learn about your Judaism, basic to advanced
2   Link   Scottish Jewish Archive Centre
The Scottish Jewish Archive Centre aims to document and illustrate the religious, organisational, social, economic, political, cultural and family life of Jews in Scotland since the eighteenth century.
3   Link   The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC)
The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC) is the representative body of all the Jewish communities in Scotland.
4   Link   Moishe's Bagel: Klezmer and Balkan Music
Thrillingly original cutting-edge klezmer and folk music from some of Scotland’s finest musicians.
5   Link   The Jewish Telegraph
The Jewish Telegraph, Britain's only regional Jewish newspaper, with editions for Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool & Glasgow.
6   Link   Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs
Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs is a research site that informs on the Middle East
7   Link   JLGB Summer Camp - 115 Anniversary
A link to download an article about JLGB’s forthcoming Summer Camp which is extra special this year as it is our 115th Anniversary
8   Link   Chief Rabbi's Website
The Website of the Chief Rabbi - Lord Sacks
9   Link   London Beth Din Kashrut Department
Great resource for those who want to keep one step head on Kashrut issues.
10   Link   The Board of Deputies of British Jews
The Board of Deputies was founded in 1760. Its 300 representatives, drawn from a broad cross-section of the Jewish community throughout Britain today, are together the chief voice of British Jewry.
11   Link   University Jewish Chaplaincy
UJC are now covering more areas than previously and delivering even better services at these challenging times for students. The Chaplaincy couple in Scotland are Rabbi Garry & Suzanne Wayland, they can be contacted by Mobile: 07791 292 790 or email:
See the UJC website
12   Link   Leining Resource
Simply state which chapter and verse you wish to learn and the Torah reading with and without vowels appears hey presto! Includes mp3 audio too! Indispensable resource for Shul
13   Link   Yahrzeit Calculator
Calculate the date Yahrzeit with simple online tool
14   Link   Getting your Get
Information for Jewish men and women in Scotland, England & Wales about divorce according to Jewish law with articles, forms and explanations for lawyers.
15   Link   United Synagogues
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